Registered Entrants – 2013 Bellingham Youth Regatta

  • Boats will be posted as registrations are received. This page will be updated every 24-48 hours.
Sail # Class Skipper
198 29er Johannessen, Miles
X FJ Allsop, Aspen
X FJ Currie, Louise
X FJ Hood, Liam
X FJ Shridhar, Shaan
8 Laser 4.7 Toombs, Maggie
03 Laser Radial Dawson, Chloe
169497 Laser Radial Dawson, Eliza
X Laser Radial Demmler, Alex
x Laser Radial Foley, Molly
174274 Laser Radial Ginther, McKenzie
200594 Laser Radial Grealish, Sean
X Laser Radial Greening, Axel
176191 Laser Radial Juckniess, Caelan
X Laser Radial Kristen, Mary
X Laser Radial Morales, Carlos
188709 Laser Radial Werner, Jeffrey
x Laser Radial Yoshina, Anda
186536 Laser Holen, Benji
179453 Laser Thompson, Jack
X Opti – Green Farkas, Samantha
X Opti – Green Hutchings, Dane
X Opti – Green Kristen, Tom
3989 Opti – White Martin, Matias
x Opti – Blue Bumstead, Devon
? Opti – Blue Fisher, Patrick
14732 Opti – Blue Huttunen, Marcus
x Opti – Blue Knowles, Jack
18558 Opti – Blue Pickett, Casey
x Opti – Blue West, Gabriella (Ria)
19032 Opti – Red Martin, Julian